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DD Center

About DD Complex

Between the two cities of Mahmoud Abad and Nour, in the province of Mazandaran, along the beautiful Caspian sea coast in the ever green state of Mazandaran, and adjacent to the Delkadeh residential complex, is the DD museum/art gallery. This 3300 square-meter museum gallery, with its beautiful modern architecture, is located in the approximately 9000 square meter cultural/commercial/DD complex, besides of DD residential and began operating since November 2016.

The mission of this museum is to further flourish the art and culture of Iran. Apart from the personal desire of its founder, some of the reasons behind the construction of this art and cultural center were, creating a context where different ideas could meet, working toward the economic advancement of art, creating demand for work of art, supporting artists, introducing the capabilities and talents of Iranian artists to the iranian people and world. In order to meet these goals, the center will offer an informed yet fair context, by using the latest information on the art market; providing reasonable pricing of the work; gaining the trust of its clients, encouraging them to make investments in the art market, and to enjoy works of art on a daily basis; and organizing art fair without proprietary or monopolizing outlooks about artists.DD gallery will display a variety of different ideas, views, and interpretations; some of which may not by pleasing to all. It is upon us, the viewers, to have the maturity and patience to respectfully observe those differences.

Some of the works displayed will be permanent and others will change from time to time. Some displayed will be either from a singles artist or several artists, Sometimes from different galleries or private collectors.
DD Museum Gallery, with its exhibitions and sale of creative, expressive works of art, this space of contemporary Iranian art will reflect its purpose for being. It is hoped that the reflection will be beautiful, progressive, effective, fruitful, honorable, and of course enduring.