DD Art & Cultural Center

About DD Center

Between the two cities of Mahmoud Abad and Nour, in the province of Izad Shahr, along the beautiful Caspian sea coast in the ever green state of Mazandaran, and adjacent to the Delkadeh residential complex, is the DD museum/art gallery. This 3300 square-meter gallery, with its beautiful modern architecture, is located in the approximately 9000 square meter cultural/commercial/DD complex, besides of DD residential and began operating since November 2016.


What's On

Unlimited access to DD Art Center



Bring the happiness to life with visiting DD center Shops, Cafe, Restaurant, Book store , Art shop.

Opening times:
10:00 – 23:00
info Tel: 

+98 (11) 44 580 990, +98 (11) 44 584 906



Address :
Km 9th Mahmoud Abad-Noor Road

Izadshahr Province, MAZANDARAN, IRAN

  مازندارن، کیلومتر9 جاده محمود آباد- نور ، ایزد شهر